A full-stack developer, frontend specialist, and all-around startup ninja who enjoys writing clean code that bring your software to life.

My passion for technology and obsession with customer satisfaction drive me to craft solutions that are both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

With years of software engineering experience at top tech startups, I work across the stack and excel in developing end-to-end software solutions within fast-moving environments.

My Tech Stack

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JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, React Native, Next.js, HTML, CSS, Webpack, Redux, Zustand, React Query, TailwindCSS, styled-components, Lottie
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Node.js, express, Docker, GraphQL, Python, Firebase
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Advanced Frontend

Cloud Cost Optimization, Web Performance, Render and Build Time Optimization, JavaScript Engine Memory Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Design Systems, Image Performance, Chunk Size Reduction, CSS Animations
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MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres
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Cloud & CI/CD

Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloudfront, EC2, Lambda@edge, S3), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Cloudflare, Jenkins, Github Actions

What Colleagues Say

I worked closely with Rahul at Crio, and he has a profound knowledge in software development, especially frontend. He is a super smart engineer, well-versed in React and the JavaScript framework. He is self-driven and proactive in his work.

Mridula Sivanandan

Software Engineer, Meta London

My Colleague at Crio.Do

We've had a great time working with Rahul, and he's been very dependable at Crio in terms of delivering solid software solutions. He was impact-driven, demonstrated outstanding interpersonal skills and has been an exemplary team player.

Sridher Jeyachandran

Co-Founder, Crio.Do, ex-Google

My Manager at Crio.Do

Rahul is an incredibly passionate and talented developer who likes to take problems heads on. His persistence and creativity helps him tackle new and ambiguous problems in a structured way. He showed great mastery of frontend development skills while working together at Unacademy. It was a pleasure having him in the team.

Jitender Kumar

Head of Engineering, Zluri

My Manager at Unacademy

A passionate developer with an extraordinary amount of zeal: this is what I would describe Rahul as. And he is so good at what he does. As a designer who worked closely with Rahul on multiple design handoffs at Crio, it has been super fulfilling to see him try different things and make my designs come alive. I will always cherish the time spent working with him, and would recommend him as a great team-mate in a heartbeat.

Kaushani Majumder

Royal College of Art, UK

My Colleague at Crio.Do